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Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Olympic Torch Relay& Picnic

my camera shy lil' Zidane. :p

Sebelum cerita ni basi (sebab pic dah lama taruk kt pesbuk) baik aku story mory..

2 days before my parents fly back to malaysia, they got the opportunity to see the olympic torch relay that came across our Stafford town. Tetiba yang paling teruja akulah sape lagi. Haha.. So we planned to have a picnic in the park afterwards. So what was the food that have been prepared for the picnic? No..not sandwiches, but they were pulut kuning and rendang ayam and also some keropok ikan. Mak aku cakap pulut kuning tu as a significance of habis confinement la kiranya..macam khatam quran le pulok..hahaha!

Then we walked to the town (which is just 5 mins walk) and we saw crowds were already lining the street to cheer on our local torch bearers.. Bersemangat sungguh rakyat jelata Britain neh.. Time nih daddy still in the office and he promised to meet us there. Memang just on time la, sampai jek parade pun start.

Coca-cola Mini free coke drinks, in Coke's special edition bottles ;)

Budak botak yang bersemangat * terlampau semangat tu yang poo-poo tu.* :p

The sponsors of Olympic London 2012

Fahim mula-mula hokey jew..tak lama pastu mula nak hok-hek hok-hek..dia dah start engine dah. Rupa-rupanya dia poo-poo. Hadui..mummy tengah syiok semangat nak tengok org bwk obor ni sayang oi.. seb bek we stand in front of tesco pum station. Terus tolak stroller dia pi situ. Daddy also came at the same time, so mummy pass baton the job as photographer while me cuci Fahim's vontot. Suddenly i heard the crowd cheering was the torch bearer who just arrived.. Huwaa...mummy missed it! Sebab time tu mummy tengah lap vontot Fahim! Takde gunanya aku panjangkan leherku yang jenjang sebab crowd memang ramai..tak nampak langsung. Daddy jugak yang lucky. Datang lambat then terus dapat tengok. Nasib baik daddy snap kan gambar2 the torch relays. sobs..sob..

After watching the torch relay, we walked to the Victoria park (it is just across the road). To my surprise, there were many people had their picnic as well. We quickly find a best place to sit on. Siap berbentang tikar piknik kau..

p/s Selamat menonton Euro 2012. Saya sokong Holland (sebab ada Arjen Robben).Maklumla,dia iras Zinadine Zidane ku dulu..kuikui.. :D


Mijoe said...

gambar 1st tuh ala2 Fahim ngelak dari paparazzi jer.. :p


Uncle Mijoe ada email. Check it out!

Ninie Hanis said...


memang sy mamarazzi pong..tensi je dak kecik tu kena snap gamba.hehe..

p/s dah reply.tq :)