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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Chillin' on the Weekend..

hello's a new week again n will be the last week of Sya'ban (month in Islamic calendar).Whoa..time flies so's gonna be my first Ramadhan and Syawal (Aidilfitri) with zaid.Excited?of course..haha,but that is not the thing to be discussed today.We will talk about it in the next entry okey. (simpan2 dulu..hihi)

last weekend,zaid brought me to Iran restaurant n i've been introduced the Iranian food.i ordered lamb while he picked chicken for the meal.i really enjoy the dinner,maybe because of the excellent services by the owner (he was keep asking me how's the meal,any food to be added,or do i want to change the tv channel..dia takut kitorg xphm video clip Iran agaknye..haha).i think he tries to have a good rapport with the customers.for certain people they might not favor to these kind of food (coz food may contain minyak sapi),but it is one my favorites since i used to eat it when i was in UIA. My faculty (HS) ada 1 international cafe which served variety of arabian food,sedapp sgt,sapa uia sure tau.Then,masa nk bayar,i memang surprised that the price wasn't cost us much.bagus la leh dtg lg.hehe..

we went to watch 'The Proposal' afterwards.datinglah apelagi kan..huhu.i mmg suka sandra bullock plak tu.On the next day,we jalan2 lagi to Ikea.(finally bought the tea set).Try to find a wall shelf but mostly have to drill the wall (thing to avoid when renting this house) :( Nevermind,i'll use my own creativity to decor the house. (nak raya la katakan..hii)We were successfully dinner at Wok Mania in Birm after crazily drooling our eyes finding for this restaurant.Dah namanya buffet,apalagi..i ate a lot of seafood and mussels,plus lamb and deserts.On my way when i scooped the 'lauk' into my plate, one French guy was looking n smiling at me (he might think 'banyaknya budak ni melantak')hehe..he sempat said 'Bon Apetite'! to me..i know it was obvious,but who care,i pay the bufet,n i'm hungry..and yeah i managed to finish all of them.Burpp..Alhamdulillah.hihi..

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