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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

BBQ with the dolls....

At first,it should be a surprise farewell party for Emilia coz she supposed to go back Poland for good next week..However,things changed after she announced that she will come back to England,so we decided to tell her about our surprise party and it turned out to be a bbq party with all the dolls.. ;)

Nice weather on Saturday,I came early to give my hands to Simone by preparing salad,grill the chicken to half cook in the oven,n some other stuff.All the dolls came around an hour later n we started our barbecue n partying until late afternoon.There were plenty of food from meats to seafood and even deserts (we not even touch the ice-cream..too much food!)I was so enjoyed especially the barbecue part,n I couldn't tell how many times I've been called to sit with them coz I've been busy grilling n barbecuing all the time. :D I love eating.. n yes,they love my chicken too.I brought a tray of marinated chicken (ehem..i did by myself ;p) n even received compliments for that. Hahaha! Love the seafood so much. :) Spanish songs being played out loud reminds me of the Ibiza madness! :p

~the dolls..from left: Rosa,Simone,Paula,Ewelina n Emilia. Picture taken by me,hmm..just realized that i wasn't in the pictures much.I've been bz wif barbecuing. ;p

~warm weather is nice but not too hot coz someone almost taking her top off!!! :O

Few bbq parties this summer are considerably a perfect summer for me.

Warm weather + BBQ = Perfect Summer ;)


mrs.aAn said...

apekah bahan yg ko gune utk marinate ayam? sile kongsi ilmu. aku pun berhajat nak wat bbq ni sbb aan br dapat bbq set masa lucky draw kat opis dia. hu3

Ninie Hanis said...


senang jek,aku gaul ayam dgn serai dan halia yang dikisar tanpa air (atau ditumbuk halus),sedikit bwg putih dan bwg merah yg dikisar, madu, sedikit garam dan paste perencah bbq (aku beli serbuk paket).

..dan marinate semalaman.wah bestnya dapat set bbq.nnti aku balik kita bbq eh?

mrs.aAn said...

aku nak try wat ikot resepi ko. leh2. bbq tepi sungai pun best kan.

Ninie Hanis said...

wahh..rancak gile plan.ko tuh ntah2 berpantang time aku balik.tak pun memboyot.tehee...

princess effa said...

owh...balik nati boleh la merase aym bbq kak ninie...hahaha. lame dah x jengok2 blog kak ninie. broadband wat hal..skang bwu oke.. tetibe blog kak nie da byk perubahan...huahuahuaua... yeles..

Ninie Hanis said...


oo bisa diatur,hehe..tu ar,lama xupdate blog kamo.kak ninie br je tukar background lain.suka sgt bckground lama,but i luv this one more ;)