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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Mari Bersokan di Malaysian Notts Games 2010

It was a day which I could say 'flashing back memories' of my old days when I once was a netball player.I didn't expect that i could play well again. :p

Usually,i just accompanied my husband when he and the boys were playing for football or futsal.However,this time Stafford University have sent more teams and players to play in the event.I am proud to say that we had futsal team,basketball team,netball team,congkak,batu seremban and chess players.And i was in netball team..ehem.

I was once in the defender's position,and again this time i played as a GD (Goal Defender).Sebab i tinggi kot..haha.My friends and i were starting the training couple of weeks before,and little problems had occur during the process such as not enough players and so on n so forth..but we still have our spirits to make it.

On the 27th October 2010,we convoyed to Nottingham University with 10 cars!That's quite a big numbers actually.Arrived around 7.15 am and after the registration done,we agree that everyone go to their own pitch.So hubby needs to send me to the netball pitch first before he's going to the futsal.This is how the big crap started.We couldn't find where the pitch was and we had wasting our time to pusing-pusing around the campus.There were no sign or banner to say about netball AT ALL. We (with 2 cars behind us) drove back to the registration place and asked one of the ushers.But he was suggesting us to take a shuttle bus to ferry us to the netball pitch.So all the girls pun turun kereta and took our bags walked to the bus stop.Suddenly we spotted a pitch where many girls were playing NETBALL! We quickly went to ask one of the urusetia and after checking the list,she said "Oh,your team must be in the B group so please go to the another picth" (the one yang cari tak jumpa2 tu). Boleh macam tu? Grrrr! Macam manalah diorang plan group A main sini,Group B main kat tempat lain yg jauh tah mana2..adoii.

~muka tensi..

~kelam kabut turun nak naik bas..

~Netball team :)

In short,we managed to find the pitch for Group B (which was outside the campus and nearby park ape ntah) by squeezing 11 of us in 2 cars. Because encek zaid dah gone pergi futsal (he thought we gonna take the bus). On our way the urusetia called us and she said team Stafforshire should be here right now coz we might start the game in 5 minutes. D**m what? So kelam kabut,and tambah malang,once we arrived we never had the chance to warm up or stretching. Terus masuk padang main.. Maka tidak usahlah hairan jika ramai yg injured dan menerima kekalahan yg teruk T_T. Nevertheless, we still had fun especially when we won 1 game of all 6's.. hehehe..

~Anim bermain congkak sambil dipantau ketua kontingen,Moha.hahaha!

~Najwa,si atlet batu seremban yang sepatutnya kedatangan beliau hanya sebagai penyokong je,tup2 wakil Stafford..hah kau!

~hubby with his futsal team.Siap ada pemain import mamat Spain lagi you! ;)
Cuma gambar basketball je takde. :(

~Aktibiti 'melahap'..

~Kontingen Stafford.. ;)

Furthermore,that was our first experience playing at Notts Games.What do you expect kan? After we finished all the games,time to 'mencekik atau melahap'..lalu all of us dengan senang hati go to the place where people selling all malaysian food. I ate nasi lemak,tapau a murtabak daging and drink cendol tapi tak sedap. Seb baik dah nak balik Malaysia so boleh dimaafkan.hahaha!

Note: Some pictures are from my own camera and some of them has taken from my friend's facebook such as Akmar,Syikin,Shieela and Farid.Thanks a lot for the lovely pictures.


mrs.aAn said...

happening la life ko kat sana. malaysian pun ramai kat sana. idak ler rasa ati jauh sgt dr malaysia kan.

** jacket ko sgt lawa!!

Ninie Hanis said...


tula,kalau jauh duduk sensorang kat negeri org mau nanges gak aku. T_T

Oh jacket ku?terima kasih atas sgt comfy di kala winter. ;)