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Monday, 14 February 2011

Girls-Only Party am writing my 100th entry.Teehee :D

tq shieela for the pic of the venue :)

Hey ya...

Last Saturday was awesome.I hosted a girls-only party at my home.Why girls only?Because all the boys went to play football in Manchester Game.So,this time zaid has to go without his super-loyal cheerleader which is me who always cheered for him when every time he has football game.Hehe..

The party started at 2pm and what i've got for them was lamb n chicken stew to eat with fusilli n tagliatelle pasta.Again,cupcake was in the list,but this time i did banana cuppies with two toppings; cream cheese and baby blue vanilla.

Shieela, Najwa n Dalina
the food..thanks Dalina for the lovely flowers ;)

Banana Cuppies

Dalina was kind enough to give her hand on that day.Thanks a lot bebeh :)

I hope that my neighbours didn't upset much with the noise that we made,coz we couldn't stop laughing when we played wii games and of course karaoke session which definitely involves some noise.Haha..bebulu je.

cheeleaders! woot..woot..
playing tennis..semangat!
dance some more plss..
karaoke lalala..

We're also celebrating Najwa's and Akma's birthday,wow..never thought my first attempt of fondant cake will be a birthday cake to someone. Isk..terharu saya.

birthday girls

Meh close up sket my first fondant cake...tadaaa!

Auww..berjaya gak akhirnya.Tapi senget2 sikit :D

That's it..thanks for coming girls.It was fun yet will be so memorable since some of you will be leaving UK soon.


mommaholicSURI said...

nice house la Ninie!! :)
the cuppies and fondant cake look very yummy. You girls must had been really enjoy the party! :)

fatt said...

yo beb, ko dah terer wat cuppies..aku jek masih terkial2 nak gi kelas..jeles tau..iskk..
takpe..wait for my turn to show off..hahaha :D

dalam fondant tu ko wat cake ape? mana ko dpt resepi tu?

Ms AiReEn MoHd said...

wah sgt henjoiiiii kowang berparty hah....mkn tak renti....sonok ekk...

ciqnora said...

uish..bagus btol siap buat makan-makan lagi..hang ni kira kaklong mereka la nooo hehee..fondant cake..makin ada kemajuan dah...chayo!chayo!leh jadi macam mama hanis zalikha pulak pasni ;)

Ninie Hanis said...

Kak Nurill,

thanks kakak nurill.that was my first trial la,im still learning to improve the deco part.hihi,yes we had so much fun.


Elok kalau pegi kelas,lagi boleh belajar betul2 punya.I'm looking for a class that can provide a cert.Pasni ko show off la ek,aku komen.Gagaga!

Ninie Hanis said...


Henjuii gilak..nak2 plak orang nak makan apa yg kita masak,lagilah puas ati. :D

Ko peknen tade ngidam mkn cupcake eh?hehe..


Wat mkn2 kecil2an je..nak kata kaklong tu taklah jugak sbb panggil nama je.Kalau yg dah keje n kawin selain aku,Dalina tulah.