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Monday, 25 April 2011

Goodbye Najwa! Goodbye My Home!

It is time to say goodbye to another Staffordian,miss Najwa Zulkefli, who is now I think has safely arrived in Malaysia. Najwa is one of the coolest friends, who also was among the earliest female friends I have met in Stafford. We wish you all the best in future ahead. Kalau masuk media prima kawan dengan artis jangan lupakan iols kat sini. :p

A fortnight ago, there was a small farewell lunch at Dalina's for Najwa. Dalina made a special lunch by serving us the special dish, Asam Pedas Salmon. Mmm..not forgetting, Choc Banana Cuppies.

And on last Sunday,Najwa's house mates were organizing a farewell party for her as well. Let the pictures speak for themselves. :)



Dalina's Red Velvet+Cheese toppings and Coffee+Espresso toppings.
One word..Marvelicious!

Besides, it was also a farewell to Sue since she will be going back for good next month. ~sigh.

Sue is the one who's wearing the grey scarf*

Lovely gifts for najwa & sue. Our thoughts on the cute newborn rompers!

Guys lazying

All the best to Najwa & Sue. We gonna miss you.. T_T

Zaid and I were dismissed early on that evening because there are still lotsa things to do at home. This might be my last entry at The Yard before we move to Beaconside.. TOMORROW!

Oh..I can't believe this my last night at The Yard after been here for two years. Y_Y

p/s Entry kali ini 'very the melancholic'. ~sigh Boleh juga tangkap sayu kat blog Akmar.


fatt said...

farewell to ur worry, AA hv cheaper flights to/fro UK. they can come back again next time :)

and to you...i hv no idea what ure saying. the yard? beaconside? i tot ure in stafford. nvm..i'll just wait for ur new entry and hopefully u'll explain what it is. besides, i hope u'll love ur new home and just go easy while unpacking, don't stress urself ok!

beb, i think i want to visit u next year. probably during autumn. insya allah :)

ps : did u get the postcard?

Mijoe said...

finally, dah boleh pindah ek Hanis? :)

Alhamdulillah. Semoga rumah baru nanti dapat lebih berkat dariNya dan dimurahkan rezeki. Amin Amin! :)

tak lupa jugak, all the best to Najwa n Sue..wpun den tak kenal..he he he

Ninie Hanis said...

The Yard is actually my apartment's name,while Beaconside Close is the street name of the house that I'm going to move in.Both are in Stafford. :)

beb,i haven't get your postcard.i hope it will be arrived soon as i'll leave as officially on the 7th May.Well,if u said so i'll be waiting then.Excited woh! :D

Ninie Hanis said...


masih menunggu kunci dr letting agent.time kasih,insyallah everything will be fine.amin.

thanks on behalf of them too.

tak sabar nak masuk umah ni. :p

ishamizu said...

Oh still kt Stafford ye. Td mcm pnh dgr Beacontree tu tp tatau kt mn. hehe.

slmt bpindah..mst sedih kan after 2 yrs dok kt The Yard tu.

Ninie Hanis said...


Beaconside bukan Beacontree.hehe..yup masih di stafford jugak.sedih gak bila tgk semua rumah ni dah kosong :(