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Friday, 17 June 2011

Mr. and Mrs. D.I.Y

Last week we have received a dining table that we've ordered about 2 months ago. It seems like waiting for years to get the table. This is all because we bought it online. What happen to the old one? We gave it to Syazwan, Akmar & their house mates after knowing that they will also move to a new house. We did let go few other stuff too such as a tv, a tv bench and a side table.

tv and tv bench

side @ coffee table

Back to the story when the arrival of our new dining table, it came perfectly like this..

look at the size of the box, imagine how they fragmentize the table into flat package!

-_-" -_- "

Whaddaya think?

I know we have to assemble the table by ourselves because that is what normally online shopping do. However, we never expected they will be fragmented to this mess... O Em Ji!!!

Even we have done few D.I.Y before, but this is absolutely challenging. I had to refer the picture in the catalogued few times so that we could picturize the real one when making of it. To tell you the truth, it wasn't easy. I played my role by reading (and understand) the instructions, then instructed Zaid step by step as directed. So this was the result on Day 1.. Oh didn't i tell u we spent 2 days to do it? O Em Ji again..

Day 1: one of the benches done

Yes, we only managed to assemble ONE bench. Pheww... Finally on the next day, this Mr.& Mrs. D.I.Y successfully assembled everything and this was the result.....


It was my idea to decorate the house (especially the dining) in the style of b&b in England (rustic and english). We were very lucky to get this table on the last day of its offer. The size isn't too chunky yet is able for 6 to 7 sitters. But one thing for sure, no more furniture,pleaseeee! No more space. Rumah kecik aje :)


Ciknoqa Yusof said...

im first hihi..
sangat gigih okeh suami isteri ini..Encek Zaid yang pasangkan..Puan Ninie bg arahan je ke keh..keh tapi takpe yang penting kejesama..tapi sangat santek tau..suka-suka..bila lah nak g sana nih :(

Ninie Hanis said...


skrg rajin dah org tu la hg muncul balik kt dunia blog ni.:)

apa yang penting? Kerjasama.

What's going to work? Teamwork (wonderpet versi UK)

jemputla check in kt b&b saya. :p

mashitah said...

ooamjayyyy! nnt kalo nk let go yg ni bg kt eta ye. keh3

Ninie Hanis said...


ooemmjayy! rasanya zaid nangis dulu,sbb dia yg teruk pasang.kihkihkih...

Ain SSB said...

Fuyooo, power la kak ninie & abg zaid! Unique set tu! ;)

mrs.aAn said...

Dining table ko mmg sgt santek. Sweet aje. Sy suka!!

mashitah said...

lawa sgt2. kalo eta ade gak tdo kt meja tu. huuhu

Haniza Yazid said...

wah, cantik2... ;-) matching... ;)

Ninie Hanis said...

Ain SSB,

power mcm powerpuff gurl ke?hik..hik

unik sbb corner bench eh? :)

mrs. Aan,

thank u dear.kami pon ;)

Ninie Hanis said...


amboi sampai nak tido kt meja tu ye.suka bebenor tu..hehe.


alhamdulillah masuk gak theme dia.tq.. :)

Mijoe said...


nanti nak balik Mesia jangan lupa bawak balik yer..he he he

Ninie Hanis said...


comel kan?insyAllah if it's still in good condition. :)

S.H.I.K.I.N said...

Weh comelnya dining set ko..aku suka bench chair tuh...siap leh sandar lagi..kat m'sia x jumpa lah dining set mcm ni.. :D

Rinna said...

Cute laa Ninie.. dining table uols.. gigih ekk.. menyiapkan dlm 2 hari..curlast..laaa.. :)

Ninie Hanis said...


tula,harap2 boleh bwk balik nanti,sayang gak sbb susah nak memasang part corner bench tu.

Ninie Hanis said...


memang sgt gigih hehe..suka punya pasal le katakan. :)

ishamizu said...

what a super cool dining table!!
sgt bbaloi la d.i.y for 2 days tu kan> puas hati tgk cantik gitu bler dh siap! if u dun mind, may i know how much is it, btw?:)

Ninie Hanis said...


hehe,indeed.erm,tak ingatlah kak.sbb kitorang purchase time offer.kalau harga asal £349.99.kalau nak beli harga asal memang taklah kan..