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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tea Time & Wii Dance with D&J

Please do not be surprised with the title above. D&J is just a short form for Danila & Jerul, our former neighbour (if you still remember).

I received a phone call from Dalina on last Sunday afternoon. She and Jerul were visiting friends at few rows from our house. I told her that zaid and i are just about to go jogging (and cycling) and promised that we'll meet up at the friend's house afterwards. It was very sunny and breezy afternoon. We went out merely to get a breath of fresh air plus exercises at the same time. Sorry, no picture of zaid jogging while i was cycling behind. Been busy changing the gear, when got time to snap2 maa? :p

We done about 0.8 miles and we stop for a while at our friend's house. The D&J was there, sedang berkaraoke! :) Soon after we reached home, the D&J came and four of us had tea time together.

What were they eating? It was garlic bread topped with vegie minced meat & mashed potato.
Credit to shieela for the quick & easy meal.

Jerul: thumb up for coffee?

And wii dance became more fun when two dance crazes had their groove together, off their pace and back to front. Yeah, let's groove baby! :)

womanizer..womanizer..oh, oh, oh waahh!

She breaks the previous record.. 10467!!! Proving that she is kaki joget!



Haniza Yazid said...

e'eh, k.dalina dh ptg rmbt.. ;)

mashitah said...

cohhhhhmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dahlina...mengugat kemudaan eta. hehe

Ciknoqa Yusof said...

wow..macam best aktiviti kat sana..saling kunjung mengunjung..bagus-bagus hehehe..lain kali suh encek zaid yg snap pic hang cycling..baru meriah lagi entry kali nie dgn pic yg varisi ;)

Ninie Hanis said...


yeahh,she did.err,i pun..actually. :p


takde panjang lagi ekspresi eta tu? memang dah tergugat keremajaan kita2 semua dengan haircut baru dalina. :p

Ninie Hanis said...


aktiviti riadah ni depends on weather gak weh.kalau hujan ke,berangin mendung ke,duduk dlm rumah jelah jawabnya.

confirm kena leter ngan zaid kalau aku suruh dia amik gamba time aku cycling.huhu..

ishamizu said...

jogging. cycling? bestnyaaa. how i wish i could do that too. no wonder la Ninie kurus, slim! ;)

wah siap dance lg, jeles ni..dl lme jgktk dance. kiki..

Rinna said...

Wahh seronoknyaa.. tgk uolss menari.. best gak ekk..nari guna Wii nie yer.. :)

Mijoe said...

huh...lepak2 kat meja baru...

plus, saya suke tengok garden bila buka sliding door tuh... Ninie, decorate la garden tuh kasi lagi mantop! hokey? :)

Ninie Hanis said...


akak lagi hebat aper..kecik selim melim gak.tu tgh pantang anak ke3 momma okey..hihi

Ninie Hanis said...


best maksu,suruh la paksu belikan.boleh main 1 family.lagi best yg xbox kinect tu,sensor movement je.hihi..


nak deco garden tapi weather tak menentu.sejuk angin n kdg2 shower (hujan).insyallah ada rezeki mau tanam rose. :)