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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Weekends Stories

A fortnight ago, we went to Stafford to do some final cleaning at our house in Stafford before sending the keys back to the letting agent. On the way to Stafford, we dropped by at Sekolah Malaysia Manchester to buy nasi kerabu, made by my blogger-friend, Farah. The Sekolah Malaysia held every Saturday and they followed the UK school term as well (correct me if I'm wrong). So, what I heard every Saturday there will be many (read:malaysian) food sold in the canteen. I've never been here before, so I told Zaid let's go and buy some food since we really need energy to clean the house on that day. So I asked Farah to keep 2 packs of her delicious nasi kerabu for me and Zaid. 

When we got there, we managed to see a group of students from Libya. Then I've been told that there were two schools operated every Saturday, Sekolah Malaysia and Libya School (kanak-kanak Libya). They share the same building. The Malaysian kids already had their break time so that means during my visit it was the break time for the Libya kids. 

~The canteen..
Fahim, do you want to school here?

~Yours truly with taukey nasi kerabu cawangan Manchester. :p

We're done around 6pm and after performed Maghrib prayer, we went to Dalina's house to return her vacuum cleaner as we had borrowed it earlier. After short lepak-lepak and waved a final goodbye, we went off back to Bradford. Once again we stopped at Manchester to buy late dinner and of course..Cendol Faluda! But this time we didn't buy food at Al-Jazeera, because Dalina was recommending something more delicious (according to her). It was Afghan. We ordered Qabily Pilau rice and Chicken. was nice. The taste was striving to be on par to our fav Al-Jazeera, but I think Al-Jazeera has given a little 'hit' on its menu. Well, everyone has different taste,ey? We're glad we have tried Afghan anyway. Thank you for reckon babe! 


Last weekend, the Malaysian Community in Bradford (Rumpun) has invited us to join their Raya Haji open house in Bro. Nazrul & Kak Salmi's house. This was my second meeting with my Malay friends in Bradford after Kak Nur's Raya Haji open house. The 'makan-makan' theme was 'Masakan Kampung'. Whoaa..bestnye ada tema2 gitu! There were daging masak singgang (lauk klate by Kak Nur), ayam percik klate (by Dell), and many more mouth-watering food. I brought two simple dishes, sayur campur goreng dengan cendawan and sambal gesek. Hope they like it. On that day as well, I've been introduced to 'adik-adik' undergrads. Again, I forgot to snap any photos. However, seeing the 'adik-adik' undergrads holding their dslr buatku rindu nak ambik gamba balik. I should bring my camera next time. Especially when I saw Fahim cooperatively giving nice shots and throwing his cheeky smiles when he's been asked to give a pose by the 'adik-adik' undergrads. Haih..kena ingat ni lain kali. Luckily I managed to snap two photos of us after the party. 

~in front of the host's house

Anyway, that's it my weekends stories. I'm looking forward to seeing someone this weekend. Ehem-ehem..sapalah yang sudi singgah ke teratak buruk kami ni. Tunggu!!! Ok, before I go I would like to say thank you to my bestie, Dalina. She's really good in sending surprises to my door i tell you. :)

~raarr!'s not like what you think..but yes,the box is damn sexy. :p


~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Betul tu Ninie, SKM operates every saturday except during school break. Dan kongsi kantin dengan sekolah libya (mereka ada 3 sessi rehat utk different age group. 1st preschooler, 2nd, year 1, 2 & 3 dan 3rd year 4 & 5 rasanya sbb budak2 remaja).

Wawawawa nasib bahek i pakai jubah tak la nampak kurus keding. hahaha. Nanti datang la lagi kalau rajin. hehehe. best tau sbb macam2 ada. I yang meniaga ni pun rambang mata. geram2 tgk food. tu cakap kat ninie beli utk stok seminggu terus. hehehe

Ninie Hanis said...


oh ada budak remaja jugak ye..aritu nampak yang kecik2 je.Pasni bolehla hantar Awisy gi sekolah malaysia time mak dia meniaga nasik kerabu. :)

InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki singgah lagi.Tula,kuih bli kat gerai seblah pun amboi aihh sedap betul.

Masitah Abdullah said...

ooo baru tau kewujudn smm. bagus betol sapa punya idea ni kan.

ninie, stroller fahim tu best x? ingat nak beli camtu la. tp nk tau review dulu =)

Anonymous said...


you have a very interesting life to share, I'm very jealous of you, may I also blessed with a happy family like you.

Ninie Hanis said...


Stroller tu brand MacLaren dan suitable from birth till 15kg. Boleh tgk kat website mothercare ni:,default,pd.html,default,pd.html

Ninie cuma pernah pakai 2 jenis pushchair dan test kat Mothercare few brands like Quinny,etc. The best part pasal Maclaren ialah easy folding (buka-pakai-lipat) dan lightweight. Most pushchair agak bulky dan berat dan sgt leceh utk melipat. Eta boleh tgk gambar atau video kat youtube Maclaren pushchair ni.Hope it might helps you. Good luck!

Ninie Hanis said...

Mr/Ms Anonymous,

Hi ya! Thank you my dear,bless to The Almighty for what He had gave us. It is just a story of an ordinary girl like me to the extraordinary boys (my hubby and little un'). May God grant you a happy life :)

Nadine said...

yeah, the box is damn sexy! lucky u to have such a sweetheart friend! :)

Ninie Hanis said...


kan?hehe..tak sampai hati nak buang kotak dia.yes..lucky me.hehe!

Mijoe said...

salam bradford! :p

tu nazrul kawan ezlika ke?

ok ke kat bradford? storm ada sampai sana ke? hopefully tak de storm la kat situ dan semuanya selamat sejahtera Amin!