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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Potluck Housewarming Party (Entry Pekasam)

Salam to all..again i left my blog for ages..sorry to anybody(if there's any lah kan..hihi) who is waiting for me to write our latest story. Ok let's talk about our-not-so-recent housewarming party, which actually has been held on Saturday,16/11/13.

At first, i was thinking to do 2 housewarming parties. One for warga Bradford (we call Rumpun group in fb) and one for my fellow friends in Stafford/Stoke of course. But then I've been told that few of them were on holiday in Malaysia. So kensel lah kan. Will do some other time. So for warga Rumpun, i decided to cook nasi lemak for this time. Maklumlah, baru lepas raya haji..we wanted to eat something else rather than rendang and nasi minyak. The good thing is warga Rumpun like to help the tuan rumah by bringing some food as well (potluck). Alhamdulillah senang kerja. Really much appreciated that.

So the guests started to come around 1 pm, with a lot of tasty food in their hands :) So delish! There were sambal tumis Kelantan version, ayam goreng berempah, lemon chicken, yummy and scrumptious puddings and deserts. But there was one dish i was so surprised when i see it. Pasemboq habaq ang! Weh!! Lamanya tak makan..esoknya kuah kacang dok ada lagi pulun buat cucuq tapi tak jadi pun. T_T .. Hostest the mostest plan nak masak nasik and prepare salad je as that what has been discussed in my mesyuarat tingkap dengan kak nur and kak husna last time. But then i changed my mind so i cook the sambal tumis and bilis goreng as well. Tolong top up kak nur punya.

I also tried to occupy the kids with some art n' craft activity too so i have prepared some crafty things like pipe cleaners, buttons, pens and foam stickers, to be put on a foam keyring. The idea was after decorating they can bring them back as a gift. I even saw some of them (girls especially) made a necklace out of it. Creative tau! Unfortunately i didn't got a chance to take a photo of them doing it, or when all the delicious food were set on the table. Yang ada cuma gambar di awal2 dan di hujung2 hari kejadian..redho je yek..

~see my lil' Zidane slumber je duduk atas riba aunty Ayu.

~our very first guests

~home made door gift

And when the time was nearly 6pm, when one by one started to leave, i sent them off with my little thankful door gifts. Thank you for coming, thank you for bringing good food, and thank you for welcoming us in Rumpun.

That's it! So see you all bloggers next year. Happy holidays and Happy New Year! year? Jeng..jeng..jeng..*cuti-cuti 'M' mode turn on.


Masitah Abdullah said...

Wahhhh balik mesia ke? Selamat berholiday. :-)

nurbijen said...

Thanks jemput kita org... kreatif door gift ninie tu... kreatif dan sedap :)
Sorry, kami lepak hingga ke malam... kesian kat tuan rumah....

Mijoe said...

entry pekasam ye mommy!! :p
dont ever forget to stop by 'Wednesday City' ye mommy! masuk dalam agenda...

(saje je uncle mijoe ni remindkan Fahim kat blog ni wpun Fahim skrg sejengkal je dari rumah uncle mijoe kan...)

nuratika aziz said...

sedapnya,terliur dengar.hehe^^
free2 do drop a visit to
thanks :)
and btw,home made cookies tuh macam sedap jeh :D

Bilal157 said...

keluarga bahagia :-)