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Monday, 11 November 2013

Autumn Meals~ Grilled Haddock Flakes on Yorkshire Pudding with Mushy Potatoes n' Peas.

She loves to see the golden leaves
from the English elm trees
twirling in the autumn breeze
on a dull November like she never sees

Rain pattering by the window-pane
making a stream in tiny drain
a golden leaf fall again
with thousand others down the lane.

~Hanis on autumn 13'~

notakontot: Lunch with my lil' Zidane. Easy peasy no need exact recipe.

What you need:

Cut into cubes a potato then boil it.
Season with salt and pepper a haddock/cod/salmon fillet, then grill it.
Microwave-cook the frozen peas for 4 mins (if you use frozen one)
Mash the potato and peas together with butter
Bake the frozen Yorkshire pudding for 3 mins
and wallaaa...they're done.

Scoop the fish into the Yorkshire pudding, serve with warm mushy potato n peas. I simply topped on the crusty fish flakes from the grill pan to make it like a golden leaves.


Masitah Abdullah said...

mmmm dapp! khalid cakap. hehe

ishamizu said...

Hmm sedapnya yorkshire pudding..lg sdp kot eh ltk fish flake tu..good idea! :)

Ps. Pandainya Ninie buat poem! ;)

Ninie Hanis said...


dap ke Khalid?hihi..pandai khalid puji aunty eh. :)Tq

Ninie Hanis said...

Kak izu,

Sedap sbb ala2 cucur pun ada.kalau ada kuah kacang pun layan cicah kot ek.hahaha!

Ps.Tq. ;)