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Monday, 30 November 2009

Celebrating the Eidul Adha..

We have been invited to Mr. Zafar's house on last saturday.Mr. Zafar is actually Zaid's colleague in Areva,and both he n his wife have been talking about zaid n me (the not-so-newly married couple), n wanted to meet us personally. Since they know that we don't have family n relatives around, Mr. Zafar and wife did some makan-makan Eidul Adha for us. At the first place,i was quite nervous since zaid told me that Zafar's culture would be different from us. Sang suami will be sitting in different room from sang isteri. But once i got there,there was no 'kekok' for me at all..her wife 'Jameela' was very nice and their kids were so cute n lovely. They have 6-years-old twins(boy n girl) n 3-years-old son. Sumpah cute gila eventho sometimes mcm nak tunggang langgang the house.hahaha!

Let's see some photos of em'cam whoring..hahaha..Introducing Yahya, Ruqayah and Binyamin or Biny (cute gile nama).

yg ni suka sgt dgn i,siap nk mkn kat sebelah i lagi..heee.

i was very surprised to see this..pc sorang satu okey..OH,anak-anak sekarang.

pandai meng'google' sendiri video kt youtube tu..adoi..

n tis the naughtiest of all..will do his cheeky face over n over..

Thanks to Zafar n wife..such a lovely Pakistanis friend.

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