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Friday, 1 July 2011

Rosy's House Warming

I have almost forgotten about this. I should write about how Rosy's house has impressed me so much. Rosy is my friend and we met when we're working together last year. She's from Peru and married to an english man. The funny thing was both me and Simone couldn't stop touring inside the house as we have been enliven by the interior, and of course.. the conservatory. It is massive!

boleh tak kat mesia nak wat rumah camni..huhu

the conservatory

I love her kitchen as she got semi-open concept plus the large windows to let sunlight in. Rosy said it took about 6 months to complete all the process including renovation, painting and planting the lawn (tanam rumput sendiri, wowieee!)

rumput carpet, siap ada kesan pijak

I love the colour that she painted for the wall. Most of them were white, grey, cream and mocha. She has even put less furniture and that makes us could not agree more that 'less is definitely more'. ;)

Simone was giggling madly when Rosy agreed to bring her upstairs. Lol!

we didn't miss the bathroom as well, hahaha!

"I wanna dressing room like Sex in the City!" she said.

We've been tempted by a delicious seafood paella (like nasi goreng seafood) after had a cuppa and biscuits. And not to forget, a piece of strawberry cheesecake..mmm!

Thanks Rosy for the invitation and hospitality. We love your house carrida! ;)


Mijoe said...

serius cool garden tuh! rasa nak guling2 je kat situ!!!

Ninie, cepat la ajakn Encik Zaid kerjakan garden kat rumah tu! :)

Ninie Hanis said...


mmg pun,rumput carpetlah katekan..kitorang nak beria-ia tanam pun bukan rumah sendiri. tapi ada niat nak beli rumah burung. :)