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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Kelas Belajar Menjadi Emak dan Bapak-antenatal class pt1

One of the exciting parts when I knew that I'm pregnant is the chance to attend the antenatal class... for FREE! You know when we watch movie orang puteh the class that teaches parents-2-be on how to bath the baby, how to deal with pain during labour, breathing process and so on..macam interesting gitew (realitinya esok tak taula praktis ke tidok) :p

So, I booked 4 antenatal classes which are Preparation for Parenthood, Breastfeeding, Tour of Maternity Unit (in Hospital) and Preparation Labour & Delivery. I was overseeing the information on the leaflet that I supposed to book the classes as early as 12 weeks pregnant. But I thought when I have a big baby bump, that is a good sign to start the classes. Ceh..what a thought! Padan muka me all the Stafford antenatal classes (except for the tour) has fully booked..even worse only 1 class available this month. The rest need to attend on next month. Fuh..doa-doa baby tak keluar awal sebulan.kihkih..

And because all the Stafford antenatal classes is fully booked, I have to go to Stone (20 minutes drive). Zaid and I went to Trentside Clinic, Stone on last Friday to learn on how to be a parent..

Preparation for Parenthood Class

The class was fun and very informative. A mother, Rachel was kind enough to bring her 3 months old baby, Daniel and share her experience of labour, direct breastfeed in public, and many more. One thing that make me so 'teruja' is to see the calmness of her baby sleeping in his pushchair without being disturbed by voices in the classroom. Cakaplah sekuat mana pun elok je dia tido. Harap2 my mini me will do the same nanti. Amin... :)

As you can see Zaid has volunteered himself to bath the baby (dummy). It was quite funny and people started to laugh when seeing these 2 daddy-to-be bathing and dressing the dummy in slow motion. Zaid himself looks very soft in his action as if he's going to brake the dummy's arm. Teehee... but frankly speaking, seeing him bathing and handling the baby, then cuddling him makes me so proud. I know that both of us will be a good parent. Insyallah, amin.. :)

The 2 hours class end around 4pm, and since the weather was quite berangin sepoi-sepoi bahasa, we freshen up by lepak-lepak (dan camwhore semestinya) for a little while at the canal nearby.

daddy cool~

The canal reminds me of our 1st home at Stone three years ago. We used to go jogging every weekend alongside the canal. Stone really has its exquisite view.

old time memories.. jaman kurus,jaman masih berdua.. :p

jogging pun sibuk nak camwhore..haih..

Can't wait to go to my next antenatal class.. breastfeeding..mmm, yeah I'm an alien on this. Lol!


Nadine said...

best kan pegi antenatal class..i really enjoyed it. iyela something new..teruja! :)

ninie, can't help to notice how fine ur throughout this 3rd trimester. cantik sungguh ibu mengandung ni..berseri2 :)

Ninie Hanis said...


Memang fun utk saya budak baru belajar ni..nak tergelak pon ada (ceh,kalau diri sendiri kena mandikan dummy mesti nangis) :p

alooo..tenkiu :)I admit that 3rd trimester there're lotsa ups n downs,biasalah perubahan fizikal,susah tido,but I tried my best to be as happy as I could. Lagi2 depan camera ;)

Mijoe said...

camera dan tuan camera mmg tak boleh dipisahkan.... he he.

semoga Zaid junior akan jadi baby yg baik mcm Daniel..or lebih baik lagi dari Daniel. Amin!

Ninie Hanis said...


mmg takleh..hahaha! :)

InsyaAllah..amin..dlm perut pun mmg good boy dia ni. :)

Effa Akmal said...

wow.. i'm impress tgk abg zaid dgn gigih mcuba nk mandikan bb tu.hahha.. bukan pe, my hubby sampai skang x brani nk mandikan bb. basuh poo bb pon mase bb dah 3month++ kot. tu kire oke la kan sebab sebelom tu katenye akn basuh poo lil E bile lil E dah pandai bertinggung. (??) mlampau kan? hahha..

Ninie Hanis said...

Effa Akmal,

abg zaid harus gigih mencuba dr skrg sebab nanti dia jugak yg kena mandikan yg sebenarnya mmg abg zaid pon tak sabar2 nak merasa pengalaman tu. ;)

tunggu bila lil E bertinggung?hah..masak!

mommaholicSURI said...

Ok Antenatal classes memang sangat2 mengujakan!! Highly recommended for parents to be to attend. Macam-macam kita boleh tau.

Dah belajar teknik breathing lum? yang tu best jugak. Dulu yang paling concentrate dalam kelas is my husband. Tapi memang patutla dia concentrate sebab masa hari i nak deliver Oman, sangkut dalam jam kot sementara nak sampai hospital. Kenela apply all the breathing technics. Armi ingat semua wo. :)

Selamat ke kelas ibu bapa!! :)

Ninie Hanis said...

kak nurill,

setuju! sebab tu awal2 dah suruh zaid angkat tgn volunteer mandikan dummy tu. Breathing tech blom lagi,nanti dlm kelas lain pulak. Tak sabo nak blajo.. :)

Wah,sangkut dlm jam?memang patot encek armi ingat semua tu,hebatlah! Dlm saat genting camtu,kita mungkin susah nak ingat teknik2 tu kan..Nebes..nebes..