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Monday, 22 October 2012

Throwing a Baby Shower for mom-to-be Dahlina

Phew! Lega dah selesai..Had too much fun eating and chatting with the girls on last Saturday. The baby shower tea party is for my dearest friend, Dahlina, who is counting the days and expecting a girl on November. Wowiee..finally a baby girl will be landed in our town! Excited..excited!

As you all know, when I was pregnant last year, I also had my baby shower (sharing with Niza, double the happiness) given by Dahlina herself. I still remember how classy and elegant the party was (due to the vintage theme) and despite of the heavenly food, we were also lmao* with the 'name calling' game, which was hilarious because I couldn't remember the guests new names. U guys can recall the funny story in here.

So when I knew that Dahlina is pregnant, I was secretly 'google'ing, and browsing some (lots) baby shower theme because I also want to give the party as in return for her kindness last time. Moreover, this time it will be a baby girl. Who wouldn't thrill for a cute baby girl (pink) theme party,eh? So here we are!

The Baby Shower Tea Party.. the theme is pastel pink & apple green. Guests have been told to wear pink as stated in the invitation card. ;)

The table; there are fruit punch & Twinning Rose Garden Tea (ramai yang tanya) for drinks.

My Oreo Raspberry cheesecake been surrounded by the beautiful Cream Cheese cuppies made by Syazwan & Yana. Still have plenty of them in the fridge..mmm,nice desert this week. ~grin

My first attempt of cake pop..konon flowers in a vase la kan..sudahnya vase lagi besor! kihkih..

Let's drool!!! Thanks for all friends with your helping hands; Pasta baked (Dahlina), Mee goreng (Niza), Madeira cake (Shida), Macaroon ( i ordered the same mac too lol) & Profiteroles (Rose), 

(Tuan rumah) Sausage rolls, Mushroom & Tuna vol-au-vent, Cake Pop, Oreo Raspberry Cheesecake. The Macaroon was from M&S.

Rose and mom-to-be Dahlina.

My pink Amy Winehouse..teehee.!

The handmade hanging centerpiece ;)

The tingling pram cutouts, the door gifts & pressies.. 

Door gifts by Dahlina, plus the lovely two for the hostess. Tq so much for the lovely gift, Dalina. It'll surely keep my hands warm this winter ;)

Door gifts from me

Tetamu sangat menepati tema hari!

Tapi the most adorable of course la dua anak teruna ni. 
Dua2 pose macam beruang..bahah! :D

Ok, that's it. Thanks for coming again everyone. Thanks for your helping hands too especially to Shida, susah payah nolong kat dapur. Banyak entry tertangguh sebab busy meng'gorganize' baby shower kekdahnya..Will keep updating more stories insyallah. By the way, in case blog ni tak terhapdet sampai raya aji,nak wish siap2...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha! Fahim masih ada sepasang lagi baju melayu kaler purple. :)


Nadine said...

omg, so sweet and lovely! u definitely have a pair of artistic hand my dear. love the deco, and the oreo cake, mak aih, drooling ok!

Ninie Hanis said...


Thank you kak nadine..mana ada biasa je.but i would love to take a class (dulu dah register tp pregnant pulak).Konon nak buat macam2 but having my little one now seems too impossible to make it neat & perfect.maka deco jadi ala2 jelah..hiihi.yg penting guests had fun,kan?

Haniza Yazid said...

Comel sgt decoration yg ninie buat. :) terima kasih ninie. :) sy pun super duper excited nk tunggu baby girl dahlina, dah stand by hadiah utk baby dahlina, ni kes sbb geram sgt tgk baju baby girl yg kiut miut. :D a'a la, baru perasan muka Simone mcm Amy winehouse. :) sorry tau Xdpt nk tlg ninie sgt ritu, si kecik meragam pula. Selamat hari raya aidiladha juga utk ninie. :)

Ninie Hanis said...

Haniza Yazid,

Thank u niza.Alah..simple2 jek,maklumla dah tak menang tgn skrg kelam kabut sikit hari tu.Niza pun dah ada Harizs mmg la tak menang tgn juga kan..takpe dah ramai nolong,niza dtg bwk mee goreng yg sedap tu dah syukur dah.err..nak tau paste tula. :D

p/s wah,standby dah hadiah ye.betul2 eksaited nih!hihi..kita pun hiks..

ishamizu said...

Wow, good job Ninie! Boleh jadi party planner la..;)
Hebat sungguh boleh prepare mcm2 jenis food tu. look yummy! ;)

Ninie Hanis said...


Alamak..tinggi sgt tu,rasanya blom capable lg lah..utk yg simple2 camni bolehlah.Food pun setakat yg cepat dan take less time in the kitchen..hehe.Anyway,tq for your compliments. :)