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Monday, 20 May 2013

Entry Lapuk: Musim Luruh Pertama Si Budak Botak di London.

*Amaran: Backdated entry. I think I wrote it on August last year. My gosh! Tahap dewa lapuknya sampai aku dah lupa nak sambung. Sayang nak delete sebab ada gambo budak botak umo 6 bulan ekceli. Maka pasrah jelah membaca ye*

We were in London few weeks ago to make Fahim's Malaysian passport and birth certificate. The weather was good when we started our journey from Stafford. Hubby drove our car to London this time because we weren't intend to sightseeing but just to do his passport. Hubby took two days off and we went to London on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For this time, we stayed at Travelodge Heathrow West Bound (zone 5) because of its easy access from the motorways (highway) and there were also free parking space for the guests. We did love the idea of staying here because after having Fahim, there are lots of things to think about when traveling. Now we have to think about his own luggage, his stuff and toys, his stroller and car seat, and also need to stop for nappy changing and feeding. Hence, traveling by our own car is the best far. :p

We arrived at Travelodge Heathrow around 4pm, and after check in done, we went off to its nearest town to find where the tube station was, as the preparation to get the tube to London city tomorrow morning. We're also bought takeaways 'Dum Chicken and Lamb Beriyani' (forgot the restaurant name) and they're so yummeh! Here you can find lots of halal food around, thus finding halal food was so much easier.

This was his second time sleeping at hotel, and it was not the same when he was 2 months old last time. This time Fahim was a bit playful, curious (nak tawaf and korek2 celah2 headboard katil), and because of his curiousity la susah nak tido. Haish.. But we managed to put him down inside his travel cot (hotel's) in the end.

*takat ni je ai tulis pastu biar berlapok dalam draft. Hoi..apekes? Sudahnya aku lupa, ok2..aku belum nyanyuk jap nak try ingat balik*

On the next morning, we went to Malaysian Immigration Department (London) at Belgrave Square by tube all the way from Heathrow Wesbound station to Green Park. It was very easy to travel this way because no hassle to drive inside the zone 1 and what's more important was that it just took only 1 tube and no need to change from one train to another. And more excitedly, Fahim Zidane was also fascinated by his new ride-on-train experience. See his face..smiling and thrilled perhaps to see new surroundings. We brought his travel system too dan nasib baik 1 tiub je. Kalau kena turun naik tube memang leceh. Kalau naik tube senang carry Fahim dalam carrier sling je. Bolehlah time ni baru bape kilo, daddy pun senyum jek..cer sekarang? Mau patah pinggang!

~There were Changing of The Guards behind. :p

 ~Encik,ini dokumen saya dah siap isi. Bila boleh siap surat beranak saya?

Alhamdulillah,all the process didn't take too long and everything went well. We even had a good times sightseeing and walking at the Green Park, one of my fav places (and things to do) in London. The Park is big, beautiful, golden and leafy scenery as it was autumn that time. Squirrels were busy hoarding seeds and food for the upcoming winter. 

This picture will forever reminds me of funny story. The squirrel actually was standing on the grass few steps from us, and we were sitting on the bench like this..

I was the one who 'suit..suit' whistling to that squirrel. Konon-konon "alolo tupai cute!"..Suddenly the 'cute tupai' went nearer..and nearer to us. Too near untill my hubby and I pon tetiba cuak dan terus bangun sebab tupai tu dah stared macam nak terkam. Seriously, takot! 

Nasib baik 'tupai cute' tu blah..He p*ssed off maybe,ahh orang ni panggil tade makanan pon. Y_Y .Not very long after that, we saw two girls have been followed by a squirrel. And they ran away when suddenly the squirrel ran towards them. Hahaha!! Ok,for me that's horror kot.

Amaran: Sila jangan tertipu dengan kecomelan tupaii di mana2 park London.

Yes,it was his first autumn ever.. ahh..miss my botak lil' zidane. He was 5 mos i think. sorry,try hard to recall back.This is backdated entry,remember? -_-''s my first autumn!

The next morning, after check out, we went to Kak Izu's house. Inilah first time bersua muka dengan blogger Ishamizu. Thanks for inviting us and the nice food too. Seronok dapat jumpa sebab dah lama borak dalam blog je kan..teehee..

Zafri dan Iris je ada. Zahin jadik photographer kot. :)


After the visit, we went to Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre at Brickendonbury, Herford to celebrate the 2012 Merdeka Carnival. Sampai pun dah petang so just quickly grabbed some Malaysian food from the stalls. The prices were bit beli yang betul-betul nak rasa je. Sebab kadang-kadang makanan yang dijual pun tadelah sesedap mana kitorang banyak borong kuih-muih kot like apam balik, murtabak daging, karipap, seri muka, kuih lapis, dan laksa asam.

~nampak Adira AF and Nubhan AF,mungkin diorang dah performed tadi..

~the stalls

~laksa asam nyummeh

Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre ni macam terletak kat kawasan farm yang santek gitu. Best tengok pemandangan. Sayang tak dapat stay lama-lama sebab hari dah makin gelap so kenalah teruskan perjalanan. We arrived home safely around 9pm.


Eta said...

Gambar "yeay its my 1st autumn" tu kan, mcm your autumn je, not fahim's.Sbb ninie sgt ceria n fahim blur2 gitu.. Haha so cute both of you.

Nadine said...

gigih ninie! at least berjaya jugak post the entry. akak ada yg berkumpul dlm draft lepas tu dah lama sgt delete je sbb mls nak teruskan.huhu

Ninie Hanis said...


haha..aah,i think it's more to "Yeay,it's my first autumn as a mommy!" kot.. :p

being a mom makes us feel super overwhelmed,no? ;)

Ninie Hanis said...


haha..gigih la sangat. ni bukan gigih tapi gigil nak abeskan sebab sindrom M.Lol..

tapi you rajin kak nadine,selalu update blog.tak heran banyak draft.haha!

ishamizu said...

Oooh rindunya kat baby botak tu hihi..apatah lg mommy dia kan? Teringat lg Fahim yg so behave dtg rumah aunty, baik je dok dlm carseat tgk mommy mkn n borakndgn aunty, mmg good boy! Dah la hensem! ;)

Nway, cantik2 gmbr kt hyde park tu. suka! And thank you singgah rumah akk, wpon first time jmp rasa mcm dah lama kenal je. Mommy Fahim is so easy going! ;)

Mijoe said...

BigBoss kalau posing indoor baru nampak sengihnye...kalau outdoor tuh...sure susah sket kan? :p

...tetibe teringat sendiri punye blog pun banyak backdated entry belum publish...ha ha...

unclemijoeyangmalas... :p

salam untuk Zaid n biasa la...big hug to BigBoss!

Ninie Hanis said...


Saaaangatttt rindu itu budak botak.Now i know how u feel kak izu when u said u rindu zafri baby2 dulu. Hahaha!how time flies..*sigh

Tq kak izu.Bila lagi mau dtg Stafford?Kalau ke Portmerion tu mai la singgah lagi.

p/s tu kat Green Park.tapi Hyde Park dan sume park kt London tu mmg ohsem2 belaka.

Ninie Hanis said...


aah..muka nak xde emosi manjang.tapi kadang2 boleh jadik dia happy sangat gelak pun kuat-tak-pedulik-orang-sekeliling punya..hahaha!

cepat update yang dalam draft tu uncle mijoe.amboi kalau psl atuk alex laju je post.hewhew..

Insya Allah akan sampaikan salam pada dia.Fahim give a big hug to uncle n auntie malin. :)