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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Beli Belah Belog is Back!

'Life is too short to wear a boring watch.'

....more designs in BeliBelahBelog. Check it out peeps!

And what about a rice cooker that can cook desert/cake/oatmeal/cereals and etc?

Tefal Rice Cooker 8 in 1 does all the thing. Tommee Tippee feeding set is also on sale. Please visit my online shopping website BeliBelahBelog now. Hurry..while stock last!

P.s any queries please email me at


Mijoe said...

selamat business mommy!

sempoi design jam tu kan... :)

aunty malin dah menunaikan tanggungjawabnye? he he...

Ninie Hanis said...



Haruslah sempoi..jam tangan lelaki blom sempat jual. Permintaan dah ada. Kalau afa brg lelaki i'll let u know.

Oh..ninie yg blom hantar invoice sebab customer tu ada nak tambah order. Huhu! Anyway TQ for supporting mommy Fahim!

Ninie Hanis said...