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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

When a news come as a Good & Sad at the same time...

I am reminiscing the memory of 2 years back..
when I was there..
clapping proudly to those friends
whom had achieved success in their hands.

And today.. I would like to congratulate to all dear friends, who some of them have achieved even higher than 2 years ago. Congratulations to all Staffordshire University Masters and Bachelor Degree students who have their convocation today.

You know how much I want to be there
as I've said in previous entry
I did ask you which blouse is the best for me
to attend the event
for the second time
But I couldn't..

Sorry Shieela tak dapat make up kan kamo!
I am supposed to be her mak andam cum 2nd photographer :p


something has come up and it is what I've been waiting for..
So, I wish you all good luck in Malaysia

wish me luck too :)


Mijoe said...

good luck Ninie!

Ciknoqa Yusof said...

xpa..dah xdak rezeki nak tgk kwn2 kali apa good news utk puan ninie plak?hehehe..lama weh xchat kt ym..

Effa Akmal said...

hoh.. apekahh something itu???? curious gle nak tau.. hahahhahahhaa

ayu said...

ninie...going to which uni?? everything ok?? all the best ya.. ;)

Ninie Hanis said...




tunggu.... :p


curious?something to do with money..


everything's fine.nope,bukan uni.but i might be going to college this sep for leisure course.btw,this is about something else.

Anonymous said...

hi there,

i've been a silent reader to ur blog for quite some time now. just thought its about time i leave a comment.^_^

Wtv it is good luck!

p/s-btw im your junior in IIU but i guess we never met since i enrolled in 2007. just find ur blog inspiring to me somehow. ahah and my name is Mai. hope u continue to inspire!

Ninie Hanis said...

anonymous @ Mai,

thanks for spending some times to read my blog.It's my pleasure to know that my writing have inspired you (though I have no clue what kind of inspiration that I'd given you)..but at least I know someone out there is reading my stories happily.Thank you my dear Mai.

So you're IIU's student as well.Yeah,I leaved IIU on 2006.Thanks for the wish and keep on visiting me here k. :)

fatt said...

what is happening to u lately?
r u going to continue ur study? that sounds good to me, i wish i hv that kind of ambition to continue too, but atm im super lazy with everything.

good luck to u & hv a good life!

Ninie Hanis said...


nothing dear..aku dpt keje but have to start on my friend's graduation day.tu yg tensi tu..sigh..but still happy sbb dah dapat keje.about studies,aku dh apply,tunggu la dpt ke tak masuk sep ni.blaja baking..